17.00 Doors open & red carpet

18.30 Doors close, seats to be taken

18.45 Pre-Ceremony

19.00 Ceremony

Anna Brüggemann. Photo: Kimi Palme
Aistė Diržiūtė. Photo: Vika Paskelyte

Hosts: Meet Your Hosts, Anna & Aistė

Leading through the EFA Ceremony 2019 are two European actresses: Anna Brüggemann and Aistė Diržiūtė.

Police commissioner, skinhead, vicar – Anna Brüggemann is not only one of the most versatile actresses in Germany, she also doesn’t restrict herself to acting only. As an established screenwriter, she co-wrote with her brother, the director Dietrich Brüggemann, NINE SCENES, RUN, IF YOU CAN, MOVE and STATIONS OF THE CROSS which won the Berlinale Silver Bear for „Best Screenplay“ and the „Prize of the Ecumenical Jury“ (2014). Last year, Anna wrote the screenplay for WHEN HITLER STOLE PINK RABBIT, based on the novel by Judith Kerr, directed by Caroline Link and to be released in late December 2019.

Aistė Diržiūtė is a Lithuanian actress best known for her role as Austė in THE SUMMER OF SANGAILE. In 2015 she was named one of the EFP Shooting Stars at the Berlinale. Since then she has appeared in a variety of films in Lithuanian, Russian and English. Her most recent credit is MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL. Aistė is a feminist and an LGBTQ community supporter.

Presenting the Awards

Presenting the awards in a total of 23 categories will be a great line-up of European filmmakers, among them actresses Agata Buzek (Poland), Josefine Frida (Norway), Hera Hilmar (Iceland), Joana Kulig (European Actress 2018, Poland), Eva Melander (Sweden), Daphne Patakia (Belgium-Greece), Benedetta Porcaroli (Italy), Sarina Radomski (Germany) and Adriana Ugarte (Spain).
They will be joined by actors Claes Bang (European Actor 2017, Denmark), Jakob Cedergren (Denmark), Julius Feldmeier (Germany), Alex Lawther (UK) and Milan Marić (Serbia),   directors Claire Denis (France), Nino Kirtadzé (France), Rosa von Praunheim (Germany) and David Yates (UK), EFA Chairwoman Agnieszka Holland and EFA President Wim Wenders.

Sarah Bauerett. Photo: Matthias David

The EFA Statuettes are brought on stage and presented in a unique way by German actress Sarah Bauerett.

Sarah likes nonsense, particularly if she’s getting paid for it. She started in theatre and has meanwhile flirted heavily with film and TV, e.g. MAGICAL MYSTERY and TATORT.


For many years now, the annual award ceremony is produced by EFA Director Marion Döring (producer) and the managing director of EFA Productions, Jürgen Biesinger (executive producer). While Marion has been with the EFAs since their very beginning in 1988, Jürgen came on board in 2006. Following the 2-year-travel rhythm of the EFAs, together they have put on the ceremonies in Warsaw (2006), Copenhagen (2008), Bochum (2009), Tallinn (2010), Malta (2012), Riga (2014), Wroclaw (2016) and Seville (2018) – and Berlin in all the other years.

Dietrich Brüggemann. Photo: Andre Roehner.

Artistic Director

Berlin-based German filmmaker Dietrich Brüggemann is the creative director behind the 32nd European Film Awards, handling both stage direction and script. Brüggemann made six feature films to date, including 2014 Berlinale Silver Bear winner STATIONS OF THE CROSS, scandalous Nazi-Comedy HEIL (2015), some award-winning German TV, a latest feature called NÖ that is currently piling up festival rejections, and a bunch of other stuff that nobody ever heard much about. On the side, he shot numerous music videos, plays the keytar in a band, bakes sourdough bread and plays piano to experimental silent film shows. He also believes the world is flat, but prefers not to talk about it.

Additional Script

With a PhD in Film Studies, the writer and script consultant Volker Ferenz usually works for distributors, producers and sales agents. For the EFAs 2019 he has skilfully put together all presentation texts with a great passion for film.


For several years now, Berlin-based musician, composer and sound designer Kriton Klingler-Ioannides has been creating the music concept and production for the EFAs. With a master in media culture, systemic musical science and visual communication, Kriton composes and produces for feature and documentary films, radio plays and band projects. He also writes music for stage productions, e.g. at Volksbühne Berlin, Schaubühne Berlin, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Kampnagel Hamburg and Staatsschauspiel Dresden.

Alexandra Hutton

A special musical contribution will come from renowned Australian opera singer Alexandra Hutton, principle ensemble member of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. The soprano will perform an aria written and composed by Dietrich Brüggemann.

Production Design

The set for the EFAs 2019 has once again been designed by German art director Bode Brodmüller, a humble artist who describes himself as “director of film and music videos, stage designer, creative director, big wave surfer, anthropologist and creative human being, ”. He has worked with musicians like A-ha, Slipknot, Deichkind, Seeed, Lee Fields, Beth Ditto and David Guetta and artists like Rem Kohlhaas and Stefan Sagmeister. He created the visual world for the spectacular German tv-shows Circus Halligalli and Late Night Berlin and he finalized his first feature arthouse film a month ago, in which all the leading roles were played by well-known musicians.

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Anna Brüggemann. Photo: Kimi Palme
Aistė Diržiūtė. Photo: Vika Paskelyte
Sarah Bauerett. Photo: Matthias David
Dietrich Brüggemann. Photo: Andre Roehner.
Alexandra Hutton