2020 Welcome Addresses
Photo: Sabine Engels

Kirsten Niehuus

CEO Film Funding · Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Towards the end of this challenging year, the European Film Awards mark one of the (digital) cultural highlights and stand – as ever – united in their support for European film culture. They shine a light on preserving and sustaining filmic diversity and cinematic art in view of the drastic impairment that our industry is facing.
Films are stories by people for people, feeding our collective memory, showcasing good and bad, providing encouragement and solace, and serving – after all – as historical documents. Most importantly however, films are able to transcend borders – in our minds, in the way we speak and in the way we interact with one another. Therefore, cinema is not an option, but a necessity!

Two people who have always advocated for European film in this connecting definition are also the two EFA members that we are bidding FAREWELL to this year: Director Marion Döring and president Wim Wenders. We salute you two – for your passion, love and dedication that has meaningfully shaped not only the appearance and reputation of the European Film Academy but thereby also established a broader understanding of European cinema and its filmmakers! Thank you for Europeanizing the film world!