2020 Welcome Addresses

Mariya Gabriel

EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

Dear friends,

It is a real pleasure for me to be again part of the European Film Awards, an event very dear to my heart that highlights the true richness of our culture and artistic qualities.

The European Film Awards put the spotlight on the best European films. Allowing them to travel beyond borders giving a chance to every European citizen to discover and enjoy the unique richness of European films!

For more than 20 years now, through our MEDIA Sub-programme of Creative Europe, we have collaborated with the European Film Academy sharing the same energy and the same values to promote European cinema, hence our common culture and cultural heritage.

Europeans, such as Louis Le Prince, the Skladanowsky or Lumières brothers, were the pioneers of the motion picture industry, with several innovative engineers and artists at the end of the 19th century. With such a strong cultural heritage, we can only be proud of our wonderful cinema.

As EFA President Wim Wenders says, “Common values are the glue of our modern societies”. European films are indeed the best ways to convey our common values and our common identity. They shape our minds, dreams, actions, building harmony in our challenged societies.

This is truer now than before as we are going through the COVID19 pandemic. European films and culture more broadly are needed more than ever, to lift our spirits and to bring us together.

The heart of the European film industry beats stronger thanks to the European Film Awards, and I am looking forward to discovering the beautiful stories that you have created. I wish you a fruitful ceremony and successful careers.

Jean Cocteau said: Cinema is a form of modern writing whose ink is light.

Long life to European cinema! Long life to the European Film Awards!